Welcome to our Dessert House

If you are a dessert lover and a fitness enthusiast looking for a place which can offer you the best of both worlds then you have arrived to the right place.
House of lassi is the answer for all your cravings. In this happiness center, you can satisfy all your sweet cravings.

House of Lassi

House of lassi is a special venture started by a bunch of best friends who share a common love for desserts. The idea behind HOL is to reminisce childhood memories and what best memory than a refreshing glass of lassi. In today’s world where desserts have become very fancy and extravagant , we wanted to bring out the simplest pleasures of life, by going back in time yet keeping up with the changing food Industry.

Our lassi’s are traditional with modern flavors. Our menu is not only catered to Lassi lovers but all dessert enthusiasts & health conscious customers. HOL menu consists of fresh juices, smoothies, mocktails, kulfis, desserts and never-ending lassi options so there is something for everyone. In today's world of fizzy beverages, we passionately wanted to offer healthy drinks yet great in taste and superb in quality in an extremely pocket friendly budget.

Our founder's mission is to create a happiness center which offers healthy beverages using natural and finest quality ingredients and bring customers from different age groups together and indulge in this delightful dessert experience.

HOL menu is not limited only to lassi lovers but to all desserts enthusiasts and health conscious customers. We offer different varieties of fresh juices, smoothies, mocktails, kulfis and desserts so that there is something for everyone.

our traditional recipe

Blended with love and passion using the purest of ingredients to create a refreshing yet rich experience to our customers in the healthiest way.